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Freemake movies 2010 – till date

Freemake movies 2010 – till date

Freemake movies 2010 - till date

Few FreeMakes from Tollywood Which are the Sources of Other languages :-

2010 :- Two films that made sensation at box office in this year are non other than ” ROBO ” and ” MARYADHA RAMANA ” which are freemakers from the plots of films like ” Making Mr.Right” and ” Our Hospitality “.

Freemake movies 2010 - till date - ROBO

* “JAGAPATHI BABU ” has made two different conceptual films named it as ” MAA NANA CHIRANJEEVI ” and “GAAYAM 2” the plot of these two films are familiar with “Pursuit of Happiness” and ” A History Of Violence” .

* A low budget film entitled as “HAASINI ” which revolves around a girl’s life is completely conceptual film which is familiar with the plot of “Late Autumn”.

2011 freemake movies :-

In this year almost major star actors came up with a complete concept based films irresepctive of regular commercial formulaic films.

* ” YOUNG TIGER NTR ” came up with a film called ” OOSARAVELLI ” which was now a classic to fans and the plot of this film was familiar with “Vengeance”.

Freemake movies 2010 - till date - OOSARAVELLI

* ” SUPERSTAR MAHESH BABU ” made an Industry blockbuster with a film so called ” DOOKUDU ” Which gave goosebumps to his fans. The plot of this film was similar to “Good bye Lenin”.

* ” ENERGETIC STAR RAM ” came up with a film called ” ENDHUKANTE PREMANTA ” Which was failed at box office but it was a completely conceptual based where the plot was familar with a film so called ” Just Like Heaven”.

* ” NATURAL STAR NANI ” Impressed audience with his film ” PILLA ZAMINDAR ” from where his journey got boosted up. The plot is originated through a film called ” A Millionaire’s First Love”

pilla jamindhar

* ” JAGAPATHI BABU’s ” silent thriller film so called ” KEY ” where the plot is familiar with “Exam” Films plot.

*” ALLARINARESH ” Carrier got boosted up with a film entitled as ” AHANA PELLANTA ” Where the plot is similar to the plot of a film like “Marrying the mafia”.

2013 freemake movies :-

In this year ” ALLARI NARESH ” tried different level to impress his fans with a film called ” ACTION 3D” Where the plot is originated with a film called ” HANGOVER”.

Freemake movies 2010 - till date - ACTION 3D

2015 freemake movies:-

Talented Actor ” SUDHEER BABU ” Carrier biggest hit film entitled as ” MOSSAGALAKU MOSSAGADU “and had made a way to his filmy carrier. The plot is looks alike the film of ” The Good the Bad and the Ugly”.

Freemake movies 2010 - till date - MOSSAGALAKU MOSSAGADU

Some times the same plot of the film might have different screenplay’s just like POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN’s ” AGYNATHAVASI ” and YOUNG REBEL STAR PRABHAS’s ” SAAHO ” both the film plot are familiar with the french film entitled as “LARGO WINCH”..

These are films which are free made since 90’s itself. If we forget to mention any film, please make some time to mention them in comment section.

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