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Freemake movies in telugu 2000 – 2010

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010

2000- 2010 Freemakes In telugu:- 

In this decade of time most of the Blockbuster films are mentioned to be freemakes itself. Naming of those films are mentioned below Freemake movies in telugu.

In 2000 Freemake movies in telugu:-

Telugu Dubbing films of star actors like ” KAMAL HASSAN ” and ” MADHAVAN ” once again tested their luck with films so called ” THENALLI ”  and ” SAKHI “, Which are opt to be the other language films like ” What about Bob ” and ” Barefoot in the Park “.

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010 - sakhi

 In between of them our tollywood actors too made free makes they are:-

* ” February 14 necklace road ”  is the film where senior actor ” SUMAN ” acted a key role in it which was inspired from a film so called ”  I Know What you did Last
Summer “.

New generation actor “VENU” came up with a film called ” CHIRUNAVVUTHO “, Which was made sensation and gave boost up to his carrier. This film’s plot also inspired from a film called ” Life is Beautiful “.

* A new aged film called ” BACHELORS ” where actor ” SHIVAJI ” acted as lead was also inspired plot from film named as ” 100 girls” .

In 2001 Freemake movies in telugu:- 

After few direct telugu films “MEGASTAR CHIRANJEEVI ” Once again came up with a film named as ” MRUGARAJU ”  where the plot of this film was inspired from a film called ” Ghost and the Darkness “, which was a trend setter at that time.

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010 - mrugaraju

In 2002 Freemake movies in telugu:- 

In the year one star actor called ” AKKINENI NAGARJUNA ” and upcoming actor “ ALLARI NARESH “, made films which are inked as “MAANMADHUDU ” and ” THOTI GANG ” in which this film plots are originted through other languages films so called “What a woman wants ” and ” Saving Silverman “.


In 2003 Freemake movies in telugu:-

In this year two tamil films dubbed into telugu which are acted by ” kAMAL HASSAN – MADHAVAN” and New generation actor ” THARUN ” named them as ” SATYAME SHIVAM “.

” NEE MANASU NAKU TELUSU ” Both films have scored good responce and them plot of those films are imspired from films alike “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and “On the Line”.

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010 - nee manasu naaku thelusu

In 2004 Freemake movies in telugu:-

In this year utmost  star actors of tollywood and kollywood made films like ” NAANI (Mahesh babu) ” ,” SHIVA SHANKAR (Mohan babu)”,” ANJI( Chirnajeevi) ,” POTHU RAJU ( Kamal hassan) which increased stardum of the actors  but the plots of this films are familar with the plots of other language films like ” Big “, “The Road to Perdition”,”Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”,” The Life of David Gale”.

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010 - nani

* Besides this film a So called “ ANDHARU DONGALE DORIKITHE” Where “PRABHUDEVA-NAGABABU “acted as lead and this film plot too is inspired from a film called “Excess Baggage”.

IN 2006 Freemake movies in telugu:-

In this year “MEGA STAR CHIRANJEEVI ” Came up with a film called ” STALIN ” which gave boostup to his carrier and the plot of this film was inspired from a film called ” Pay It Forward”.

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010 - stalin

* For the first time ” MOHAN BABU With his son MANCHU VISHNU” combinely made a film called “GAME”  the plot of this film is familiar with a film entitled as “Changing lanes”.

* Talented director ” TEJA ” made a film with Tamil actor named ” AADHI PINISETTY” and inked it as ” OKA V CHITRAM ” which was scored decent marks by audience but the plot of this film was inspired by “Bowfinger”.

In 2007 Freemake movies in tollywood:-

” MEGA STAR CHIRANJEEVI’s  Son ” RAMCHARAN TEJ”  made entry in tollywood with a film called ” CHIRUTHA ”  where the plot of this film was inspired by a film so called ” Swept Away “.


Senior actor “RAJENDRA PRASAD ” made a film as a leas which is totally plot oriented titled as ” MEE SHREYOBILASHI” . This film has a seperate fan base too. The plot is originated and developed from a Japanese film  called” Ikinai Money Ruthless People”.

* Actor “SHIVAJI” made a film called ” SATHYABAMHA” which was also  inspire from a film called “50 First Dates”.

In 2008 Freemake movies in tollywood:-

Most of the low budget films like “KEKA(raja)” ,” VISHAKA EXPRESS (allari naresh) ” , ” HERO (nithin), “ NENU MEEKU TELUSA (Manchu manoj ) “, HOMMAM (jagapathi babu) ” are completely conceptual based films.

But these films haven’t impressed audience but the plots of these films are originated from other languages films which are named as”Classic” ” Strangers on a Train “, “Police Academy”, “Clean Slate” , “The Departed”.

* One of the tamil actor called “SURIYA”  Dubbed one of his film entitled as “GHAJINI “. Which created sensation was also the freemake of a film so called ”  Momento “.

Freemake movies 2000 - 2010 - ghajini

In 2009 :-

Low budget film like ” INDUMATHI ” and A “RAVIBABU’s film AMARAVATHI ” was highly concept oriented thriller films which as plot taken from films like “Psycho” and ” Silence of the lambs”.


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