Ex-RAW Official statements about Sushant Singh Rajput MURDER

Sushant Singh Rajput MURDER

Ex-RAW Official statements about Sushant Singh Rajput MURDER

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Sushant Singh Rajput MURDER? Well, most of the news circulating in social media about SSR’s suicide is true now. Yes it’s not a Suicide its a pre-planned MURDER.

Regarding it, Ex-RAW Official NK.Sood revealed facts over this murder. One of the fact is Dawood Ibrahim is the pillar of this muder.

Yes, Most of the B-town biggies have jovial relationship with Dawood, either it may be money matters or any Crime.

We all had witnessed that B-town biggies attending the Parties Organized by Dawood. Even money transfers also done for development of Dawood.

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Ex-Raw officer stated that SSR’s is Murder because of few facts like..

SSR had changed approximately 50 Sims in a month.

* His girl friend, Best friend are started avoiding him as they know about the plan.

* He got too many warning calls so that he haven’t slept most of the nights even in this car too.

*  The day before SSR death how can CC TV footage will not work.

Based on all the above mentioned facts Ex-RAW officer Confirms that SSR death is a pre-planned murder.

Even he mentioned few names like Salman khan and Karan Johar but haven’t explained it in detail.

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Let’s see how this Murder mystery is going to be sorted by officials.


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