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Review: Edayina jaragochu

Movie:- Edaina Jaragochu (2019)

Cast :- Vijay Raja,Raghava,Ravi Shiva Teja,Bobby Simha,Pooja Solanki,Sasha Singh

Music director:- Srikanth Pendyala

Produced by:- K Umakanth

Directed by:- K RamaKanth

Edaina Jaragachu is a different concept oriented film which had created decent buzz from teaser, trailer which was impressed by audience. After a round of promotions the movie has all set to release today. Lets see whether this film is stepped into success track or not.

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

Three close friends who are born on April 1st wanted to become Millionaire and to change their fate. In this proceedings jay (Vijay Raja) got a job as a loan recovery agent. Immediately he falls in love with Sasi (Pooja solanki) who also works as recovery agent. But all of a sudden she tries to escape from him. In this proccedings they three of them try to take revenge on her and wanted to earn money in an easy manner. In this process they meet a spirit called Kali (Bobby simha) from there the movie completely changes in a chaos manner.
What did jay do to take revenge of his love? What plans did he and his friends done for easy money ? Where is spiritual chaos concept ? To know all this watch this film on bigscreen.

Positives :-

* Vijay Raja gave his best performance as Debut actor.

* comedy and Love scenes are good.

*Bobby Simha and vennela kishore are major for this film.

* production values are good.

Overall :

Shivaji Raja son Vijay Raja’s did his level best performance in his first film as a debutant actor. Besides that his scenes releated to comedy and love track impressed more. Bobby simha has justified his role as Kaali. Naasha singh and pooja solanki have attracted audience with thier galmour.. Venela kishore comedy must be specially mentioned..

Besides that for a debut film story and screenplay must be too good so that everyone can go to it…but here it is  whichcis a different story with super natural concept. Director had success in continuing the tempo in second half too.. Music which plays a major role in horror films is quite missing in this film, which make audience entertain at times.

Production values are good along cinematography and editing work are major assets to this film.

Overall if you want to watch the performance of Shivaji Raja Son’s Vijay Raja in this debut film you can enjoy thoroughly but for some audience who go to films only for content besides of actors will enjoy. Keep your expectations in check before watching this film.


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