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Driving License web series review

Cast and crew:- PruthviRaj Sukumaran, Suraj Venkaramoodu and so on.
Music Director :-  Yakzan Gary Pereira, Neha NairProduced by:- Supriya Menon, Listin Stephen
Directed by:- Lal J.R

Driving License  web series review

As all are following the principle “Stay Home Stay Safe “ and are fedup with the Routine shows and Flicks in television we are providing you the best entertainment series/ films which might change your mood.

Today we suggest you a Malayal Film called ” Driving License “, which was released few months back.

Story ( Spolier free ):-

The plot begins with a Stylish Intro of Hareendran ( Prithivi Raj ) who is a Famous Film star, as he is an actor he loves Racings in one of his film shoot the crew of film asked him His Driving License in order to make a Car Chasing scene. Unfortunately, his License was Lost. 

So in order to get a a new License, with the help of his Political Friend, he mets a new Incharge Officer who is non other than Hareendran Die heart fan named ” Kuruvilla ( Suraj ) , but things doesn’t go as expected and leads to an unexpected ego war between both of them.

How the situation goes on board ? How did the ego blossom between both of them ? Did Hareendran gets a Driving license or not ? How did Kuruvilla faced the situations ? What happened at the end ? To know all the reasons behind above mentioned questions watch the film on Amazon Prime.Positives :-* Both the main leads PruthviRaj Sukumaran, Suraj Venkaramoodu have done Tremendous Performance with an ease.

* Even though the length of the film is 2 hours 30min  every scene had presented in a gripping manner.
* The film majorly revolves arround 3-4 character all of them have performed their level best. 
The Ego scenes between Both of the leads have presented in a typical manner.
Climax was unexpectable.
* Director Lal J.R  had presented this film in an interesting manner without any deviations right from the first scene itself.
* Backgroud score was quite impressive.
* production values are good.

Flipside:-* Slow at pace..

Overall :-Driving License is an out and out engaging film with an emotional and realistic performance by everyone. PruthviRaj Sukumaran, Suraj Venkaramoodu have done a terrific performance which will be remembered forever. Everything in this film is made in a Twisty manner so if we say anything it may spoil your mood while watching. Every 10-20 min there will be an Unexpectable Twist which will mesemarize to everyone. Whole Credit goes to director Lal J.R who had presented it in an interesting manner with different Screenplay.

We suggest to all of you, to watch this film which will made your a quite different than routine one.

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