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Do you know the Range of Prabhas? :-

Do you know the Range of Prabhas?:: We are very well known with a fact that Young Rebel Star Prabhas has become  Pan Indian star with ” Baahubali ” series, which had doubled the fan following and created mass hysteria at that time. For this series Prabhas had received a total amount of 80 cr as remuneration.  Later he had made a film so called ” Saahoo ” for which he haven’t took any kind of remuneration as the film was failed at box office besides collections wise the producers are safe as it had collected arround 230cr.

Do you know the Range of Prabhas

 Apart all of this Prabhas had signed up few films out of which a film with an initiative title as ” JAAN ” had completed 50% of the shoot for which he might receive a compensation of 60cr which was directing by  Radha Krishna Kumar , besides this he also coped up with ” Vijayanthi Movies Banner ” which was going to be done under the direction of ” Nag Ashwin ” for this film Prabhas will receive arround 80cr as remuneration. 

Assets of bahubali Prabhas

Apart from all the above mentioned we are going to clarify you about the range of prabhas. Besides film’s, Prabhas had so-many lands in chennai  which were bought by his father ” Surya Narayana Raju ” in late 90’s itself. Later Prabhas had owned 4 cars, 2 houses , Farm house too in Hyderabad. He had Granite lands , Coconut plantations and House in Bangalore too

If we calculate all the properties above mentioned it will be easily an total amount of 6,500 cr and above. By this we can say the Range of Prabhas in both films and personal life. 


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