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Corona based movie WatchTrain to busan

Is Train to busan plot is linked with Present Haunting Virus Corona :-
Corona movie WatchTrain to busan HD Version

Corona based movie WatchTrain to busan:: We are living beings who are responsible for development and destruction of world as it’s depends  on our behavior including our activities. If any paranormal activities affects the nature it’s purely done by human beings not by any other. We have faced many challenges since years like TsunamiEarth quake, Cyclones, Rare viruses. At present we are facing huge Troubles because of another virus which was so called ” Corona ” , which was spreaded by Humans only, because of this the world now in a critical phase of life and don’t know what is the conclusion for this Virus. As we are filmy lovers, We had found a similar kind of film which is inter related to our present scenario the film is a korean version which is so called ” Train to Busan “. Lets  have a look over the plot of it.

 ” This film opens with a disturbed scenario of unhappy daughter because of her business minded and divorced father where she wants to leave him and stay with her mother from her birthday. Inorder to fulfill her wish, her father starts train journey to busan with her. On the other side a beautiful couple where wife is conceived. Besides there is high school baseball team including cheers girl too. The whole story majorly revolves around these 3 sub plots. While the train is going to start a ill young women enters into it without any one’s notice. Slowly the women starts bleeding abnormally who then turns into a Zombie.

The zombied women then bites the compartment attender, within no matter of time even the attender too turns into a Zombie. This continues every where in the train which leads to death of so many lives. The scenario happening in train is started from the city itself. Simultaneously every one in the city including the government authorities too turn into zombies. Slowly the city becomes a Zombieland where there is no communication between any one. Besides these, how money minded father saved his daughter , at a point of time 80% of the train is filled with Zombies except the main characters. There is a situation where Father, husband of conceived women, one of the baseball member struck in 9th compartment whereas their loved one’s were struck in 15th compartment, between compartments are filled with zombies.

How those 3 members faced and fought with zombies to meet their loved one’s. In between times the husband of conceived women sacrifice his life to save others including his wife. Situation goes out of control and the train stops because of non availability of track. Except zombies all of them leaves train to get into another train which can reach them to Busan. In this journey slowly all of them start sacrificing their lives. Finally only 2 of them will be alive. They are the conceived women and the daughter of money minded father who are saved by Busan Military Force. ”

The above written plot is similar to our current Situation where the spreading of Corona Virus has started by China which was affected world wide and is responsible for number of deaths. Till now there is no vaccine developed for this virus and don’t know how many are going to die or sacrifice their life for loved one’s in this hazardous moments. Have to see what’s going to happen and hope everything goes well with a happy atmosphere every where.

Telugu version

You can get telugu version  search the Keyword with “train to busan latest telugu full length movie

Hindi version

You can get Hindhi version search the Keyword in youtube with “Corona movie WatchTrain to busan HD Version

Due to privacy policy reasons i didn’t kept the movie links here….. But you can get in youtube… Must watchable movie


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