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How to Check telangana land Records in Maa Bhoomi

Check telangana land Records in Maa Bhoomi
Check telangana land Records in Maa Bhoomi

Check Telangana land Records in Maa Bhoomi:: We all very well known about a fact that Telangana Govt has been developing a lot inorder to ensure that all People in Telangana are scam free and must be aware/safe from Frauds.

Inorder to satisfy above mentioned things, TG GOVT had developed an online portal of Revenue Department which was entitled as ” Maa Bhoomi Telangana “. 

Let me expain you in a simple manner. 

Suppose you want to buy an Agricultural Land in Telangana , you would not like to get into Property Frauds , For that you need to check all the land and owner details of it.

For the sake of people and public safety TG GOVT had launched the Maa bhoomi Site. Let us go in detail about this online portal.

If you want to know any land details in Telangana , the very first thing you need to do is visit the official website which was enrolled as ” “ there you can get each and every minute land record details.

Maa Bhoomi Telangana Is the process of Keeping the land and property details of citizens in a Record manner by Digitalization.

If you visit the official portal , you can view few names like Pahani, ROR, INTEGRATED LAND REGISTRY. let me explain you in detail.

For suppose if you want to buy any land and you wanted to know each and every minute detail of land, simply you can visit the portal and the process is as mentioned below.

Pahani :-  if you click on Pahani, you will get all the data of your plot of land. I.e Kind of land, Area of land, owner of land. 

Check land Records in Maa Bhoomi - pahani

You can search it through different ways. If you click on pahani, a dialogue box will be opened in that you must fill the details.

You can search the details of plot/ land, just by mentioning any of the details  like Survey number, Katha number, Aadhar number.

If you wanted to know the details of Complete Pahani’s of Village ,then you can click on Grama Pahani.

ROR 1-B :- it is known as Record of Rights. 

In this you can get the details of particluar land which includes Particular of Individual details / Every details of family who are enrolled in Land details.

Integrated Land Registery :- It is simply called as Map of a Particluar Land.  Just like pahani, you can get the Map of you land just by mentioning any of the details like Survey number, Katha Number, Aadhar Number which is linked.

You can also check all the reports of you land including plot report too in a  3 Dimensional Manner.

This is simplest and easy process designed by TG GOVT , through which online Frauds, Mall practises of Lands will not be able to done. 

Hope you all like this article , will come with an another interesting one. Stay tune to our website for latest updates.


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