Case filed on Pushpa Movie Team :-

Case Filed On Pushpa Team

Yes, Recently a case has been filed on Pushpa The Rise Movie Team due to criticizing men.

Within 3 days left to release all of a sudden a case has been filed on the Pushpa Film Team and this case will go to court too to get justice.

As per the sources, Andhra Pradesh Men’s Association has filed a case regarding the lyrics in the item song of Pushpa. As the lyrics said, ” Me Magala Budhhe Vankara Buddhi ” in Oo Antava mawa Oo Oo Antava Mawa Song.

So to remove those lyrics or Remove the song from the film, the AP men’s Association had approached AP High Court and Appealed this.

Should wait and see what the court gonna say regarding this issue. December 17th, Pushpa Gonna release worldwide.


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