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Best web series and top web series in hindi

Best web series and top web series in hindi :-

best web series

best web series and top web series in hindi:: The craze of Web series are becoming more popular in recent times. Making of Web series are more than cinematic level where everyone started picturizing them and having grand release in OTT platforms. To be honest within few years Web series will become greater than Films. Even now few of our Tollywood Actors like ” Akkineni Samantha ” , ” Navdeep “, ” Nagababu ” , ” Niharika konidela ” ,” Sumanth Ashwin ” , ” Jagapathi babu ” and so on acted in few Series. Due to the craze of Web Series few biggies in Industry started an OTT platform to release web Series in their own medium. Few Tollywood OTT platforms are ” Aha ” from ” MEGA COMPOUND ” and recently ” Super star Mahesh babu ” also in a plan to start an ” OTT Platform under his production.

In this article we are going to mention Few Web Series through which audience gone crazy over them and literally started waiting for their next seasons irrespective of language.

1) The Family Man:-  

This is an Thriller based spy series where “ Manoj Bajpayee , Priyamani ” acted in lead. The whole concept of this series revolves arround a Man named ” Srikanth Tiwari ” who is leading a middle class family besides working as an Investigative Officer in National Investigative Agency.
the family man - top web series

Its out an out spy thriller one, where Every one watched it irrespective of language as it is Hindi series. Even ” Akkineni Samantha ”  is enacting Crucial role in ” Family man season 2 ” which is under shoot.

2) Mirzapur :- 

This is out and out Crime Thriller series where its plot is based on the Drugs , Guns Including Lawlessness. If this series might have made in film, for sure there will me more of censor cuts as this series is full of realistic Gangster based including of Uttering Vulgar words in Every scenario.  Even one this series have performed in a way that ” Who watched this series are became fan of the actors ” . You can watch this series in Amazon prime Platform.

3) Inside Edge :-  

This is the first series telecasted in Amazon Prime  Platform. The series include ” Vivek oberoi , Richa chada , Siddhant chaturvedi , Tanuj virwani, Angad Bedi ” as main leads. This series revolves arround ” Power play league ”  which is a fictional one compared to ” Indian premiere League ” .  The whole concept of this series revolves around ” Match fixings “, ” Selfishness “, ” Power of Money ” and so on which we can observe in real life of cricketers.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - inside edge

” If you’re a cricket lover, for sure you will fall in a love with this series “. This series is available in Hindi and English languages in Amazon prime.

4) TVF – Pitchers :-

This series is a ” Comedy – Drama ” one. Which revolves around Four friends named “Naveen Bansal, Jitendra, Yogendra , Saurabh ” who own’s a Startup company and fed-up as  none of the companies  offer projects to them. Slowly Everyone faces troubles and how they realize the situations and make growth in their start up company when they get offer letters in different job locations.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - TVF - Pitchers

This series will make everyone realize as the scenes are replicated to present Scenario’s.
You can watch this series in TVF Play portal.

5) Panchayat :-  

We can say this series is Filled with ” Fun and Joy ” which revolves arround a guy named ”  Abhishek Tripathi ” who lead a happy and Luxurious life and then enters into the next stage of life ” as everyone enjoys as a Student life and then comes to serious phase of life that is Job. ” in this series too  Jitendra kumar who depicted the role of Abhishek performed well as a student as well as a office worker in a small village which is completely different from his luxurious life.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - Panchayat

Even the characters in these will remember you for life time as it replicates your situations. You can watch this series in ” Amazon prime “.

6)  Kota Factory :- 

This is the first indian Web series which was made in Black and white Format. The plot of these series revolves arround 16 years old person named ” vaibhav “who visits to Kota to get seat in ITT campus. This plot is mainly prefers  to youngsters who are striving hard to sustain in their carrier and colleges for further Studies.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - Kota Factory

This series is made in a comical way so that everyone may connected to it, but for sure this is real series for present youngsters who are committing Sucides because of not getting seats in Campuses or Big educational institutions.  You can watch this series either in TVF PLAY nor YOUTUBE.

7) Asur : Welcome to Your dark side :- 

This series is completely ” Suspence – Mythological – Serial killer ” One where the plot revolves arround  ” ASUR ” who returns to his root ” Central bureau of Investigation ” which is filled with cat and mouse chasing format with a serial killer, where solving the murder Mysteries which are totally unrelated to each case.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - Asur

If you love to watch serious crime thriller films, for sure you will love this series too. You can watch this series in “VOOT ” platform.

8) Sacred Games :-  

This is the first original Netflix platform series which comes under Mystery-Thriller Format. This plot is originated from a novel Written by  ” Vikram Chandra ” . The plot of this series is revolves around a Troubled police officer who gets a threaten call from  Gangster who orders him to save Mumbai city within  25 days. Rest of plot is how police officer solved the case, what he gained through it. This series is completely a different thriller Genere where you will be thrilled at every hook and nook.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - Sacred Games
If you are lover of Thriller films, watch it you’ll love it.

9) Special OPS :- 

This series in an out and out “ Action Espionage Thriller ”  which revolves around different terrorist attacks which are originated through “Missions made by indian past two decades ” and how the attacks are made, who are involved in these attacks are picturized in more of realistic format.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - Special OPS

You can watch this series in Hotstar so that you may know what attacks happened in India from past.

10 ) College Romance :-  

This series is made for youngsters who are expecting a colourful life in their college life. The plot of this series is ” Three best friends who started college life in order to find ” love” , ” Laugh ” ” Lifelong Memories to cherish “. Every youngster will have some ideas and imagines how their love life will be and how to cherish them Life long.

Best web series and top web series in hindi - college romance

This series will be sure entertain Youngsters are it completely made for them.  You can watch these series in ” Netflix “, ” Youtube ” platforms.

11 ) Permanent Roommates :- 

This series is a ” Romance with comedy genere ” where the plot is revolved around a pair named ” Tanya and mikesh ” who wanted to start live in Releationship before marriage with a commitment. How long will this sustain and will their love is genuine or fake.


This series is the purest one which the present generation are facing problems in the name of ” True love ” but actually it’s Lust. You can watch this series in Hindi and Tamil language through “ TVF PLAY ” or ” YOUTUBE ” platforms.

12) Hostel Daze :-  

Best web series and top web series in hindi - Hostel Daze

This series is a Typical one where the plot revolves around “ life of a four Hostel guys including their college life ”  this series will replicated you in the past of your college life where you might gone in a tough phase like Ragging by seniors, Troubles of Hostel wards, stress about studies, Managing  everything in your life, must compromise in few situations. Everything has showcased in a perfect manner.

You can watch these series in Amazon Prime. You will recollect the past things of your life.

In the next article we will mention remaining best web series you shouldn’t miss them.


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