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Best Telugu horror movies till date

Best Telugu horror movies till date :-

Best Telugu horror movies till date

Best Telugu horror movies till date : Everyone is a Movie lover who will watch movie several times if he loved it.

There are several horror flicks by our Tollywood directors which will be watched repatedly by audience.

In this article i will mention the best horror flicks which will thrill you at a different level.

Coming to point we have two kind of horror flicks one is completely Horror and the other is horror with fun.

Here i will suggest you the flicks which are completely horror based and will entertain you at peaks.

Most of them were directed by Our very own RGV, Raghava lawrence, Ohmkar.

Since past 1992 we had entered into the zone of horror which was penned by RGV , it was entitled as ” Raatri” and ” Deyyam”.

It will make you feel thrilled at a various levels of scenes, which made RGV the baap of horror flicks.

Later some of the directors travelled in the path of RGV and made flicks like Ammoru, Evaru, 12 va anthasthu, Marri chettu, A film by Aravind, Mantra, Raksha, Aa intlo,13B.

arundhathi chandramukhi

Later, All the telugu audience got much horrified with the film so called ” Chandramukhi

where Rajini did a terrific performance under the direction of P. Vasu. Among all the horror flicks, Arundathi will stands in top place as Anushka did her level best performance under the direction of legendary Kodiramakrishna.

A few years later Three directors named ” Ohmkar” ,” Raghava lawrence”, ” Ravi babu” made different horror zone flicks which made audience to watch repeatedly in thetares.

Rajugari gadhi, Muni, Avunu series are the best works of them including Anasuya.

Next comes flicks like Mohini, bhagmathi, chitramgadha, Gurham, Bethaludu. These will thrills you like never before.

These are the best horror flicks which will entertain you and make your day a mixture of different colors. If we have missed any flick please make time to mention in comment box we will add it.

kashmora punnami naagu
Some other Danger movies are like Punnami naagu, kashomara, anveshana  don’t miss these 3

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