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Check the Best resorts in hyderabad

Best resorts in hyderabad::: Hyderabad is one of the biggest and developed city in India. It was developed in a way that every one wanted to visit Hyderabad atleast once.

There are many places to visualize Tourists and its also known as Tourist spot of India.

More over in this article we are going to clarify you about TOP 15 best and Beautifully designed Resorts in Hyderabad.

Most of Tourists will likely to be in the below mentioned Resorts as they can satisfy  all the facilities required by customers.

1) Vivantha :-

Vivantha resort

Viantha is the most comfortable Resort located in Begumpet. Its one of the Top class resort.

It provides all the facilities such as 24 hours Room service, Personal Safe’s, Extraordinary Restaurant and Swimming Pool.

It ‘s just 3 Km’s away from Secunderabad Railway Station and 10 km’s away from Hyderabad.

2) Golconda Spa and Resort in hyderabad:-

Golconda Spa and Resort in hyderabad

Golconda Spa and Resorts is the second best resort over Hyderabad which is fully filled with Natural Woods.

It Provides you a feel like your living in a Nature than the busiest roads with an services like Laundry, Coffee Makers etc.

You can use this resort in many ways like Business Meetings, Holiday Place or any Healthy Events.

It’s just 18Km’s away from Hyderabad, Located near Osman Sagar Lake.

3) Celebrity club Resort in hyderabad:-

Celebrity club Resort in hyderabad

Celebrity club and Resort is an Unique resort which is made with Victorian Architecture Format and very well known for Aristocratic Crowd.

It Provides great facilities like Foreign Exchange, Laundry, Ayurvedic Massages, Unisex Gym, Swimming Pool and valet Parking.

It’s one of the best resort located near Sharimpet, approximately 28 km’s From Hyderabad.

4) Pragati Resort in hyderabad:-

Pragati Resort in hyderabad

Pragati Resort is one of Decent Resort which is purely for Families of all age groups which has more reasons to justify the tagline.

It has covered more than 2.4 Million aromatic plants which includes varieties of  Medicinal one’s and a water park circulated over it.

It’s one of the best resort located near Ranga Reddy District,  approximately 40km’s From Hyderabad.

5) Ragala Resort in hyderabad:-

Ragala Resort

Ragala Resort is mostly designed in such a way that Couples show much interest to spend their Lovely time in this Resort.

This Resort Provides Facilities like Rain Dance Floor, Spa, Ground, pool etc..

This resort also likely hosts many events such as Glamorous Birthday Parties, Cocktail Parties, Get -togethers.

It’s one of the best resort locatedapproximately 8km’s away From Hyderabad.

6) Lahari Resort in hyderabad:-

Lahari Resort is one of the finest developed Resort since 2006. Its simplicity made it a Successful Resort.

It was designed with an gorgeous made Infra structures in a stylish designed way.

Most of it’s facilities includes Discotheque, Pool’s , Restaurants, Cricket Grounds. It also Provides Caterings based on Your requirements.

It’s one of the best resort located in Bhanoor,  approximately 49km’s From Hyderabad.

7) Aalankrita Resort in hyderabad:-

Aalankrita Resort in hyderabad

This is one of the best Resort , which was Credited by Horticulture Department of Hyderabad.

It’s an Eye Feast for eveyone as its has most memorable places around it, which offers Wonderful accommodations in Pent House. 

It also Provides Multiple Restaurants all over the world. It will be a Wonderful Experience to stay in this Resort.

It’s one of the best resort located approximately  25km’s From Hyderabad.

8) Leonia Holistic Resort in hyderabad:-

Leonia Holistic Resort in hyderabad:

It’s one of the best and Comfortable Resort in entire Hyderabad because of it’s Broad Range of services.

This Resort is best for Juventa Spa, besides it also had Spa’s, Gym’s and Restaurants , which are Capitative and eye catchy moments.

 It also Provides Holistic wellness and Rejuvenating Experiences. 

It’s one of the best resort located approximately 47km’s From Hyderabad.

9) Button Eyes Resort in hyderabad:-

Button Eyes Resort in hyderabad

One of the best Ideal Resort which provides you a Homely feeling to enjoy with peaceful moments.

It has all kind of facilities to satisfy all your needs with Landscaped LawnsPools, friendly Hospitality, beautiful accommodations with a perfect Holiday Spot.

It’s one of the best resort located in Moinabad,  approximately 42km’s From Hyderabad.

10) Palm Exotica Botique spa and Resort in hyderabad:-

Palm Exotica resort in hyderabad

 This is one of the South India’s largest Adventurous park which Is mostly lovable for all aged groups in families.

 It’ s a Luxurious Resort which provides all the fun filled elements which also includes Rejuvenating floura Spa, Stunning Views and Top -class Facilities.

It’s one of the best resort located in Ranga Reddy District,  approximately 50km’s From Hyderabad.

11) Summer Green Resort in hyderabad:-

Summer Green Resort is one of the best Holiday trip for all age groups as it provides all kinds of facilities that needs you.

It has Mind bending Visuals, Adventures, wonderul Gardens which is a one time life opportunity to cherish your day with your loved one’s .

 It’s one of the best resort located approximately 25km’s From Hyderabad.

12) Songs of Earth Resort in hyderabad:-

Songs of Earth is an out and out Beautifully Driven Resort which is a best place for Nature Lovers.

It has all the facilities that are required by customers which are Green Gardens, Most of Adventures and fun, joyful of Natures which is an eye feast.

 It’s one of the best resort located approximately 41km’s From Hyderabad.

13) Papyrus Port Resort in hyderabad:-

Papyrus Port Resort  is an typical style Resort which is designed in Egyptian Style which will remind of you past 90’s decades.

This Resort provides you all typical Indian Facilities including Restaurants too.

 It’s one of the best resort located approximately 37 km’s From Hyderabad.

14) Darling Cave Resort in hyderabad:-

Darling Cave Resort is also popularly known as ” Boutique Resort “.

It’s simply amazing Resort for Newly Married Couples / All couples as it renews their bonding with its appearances and gestures.

 It had Designed in a Romantic manner and all couples will fall in love once again and it has well equipped Cottages too.

 It’s one of the best resort located approximately 53 km’s From Hyderabad.

15) Brindavan  Resort in hyderabad:-

Brindavan Resort is one and only Resort designed in Mythological Format which is favourite among Lovers and couples, It replicates the Roles of Radha and Lord Krishna which is cutely picturized. 

It provides peaceful Cotages, ambience and display of love’s through Paintings.

It’s one of the best resort located approximately 47 km’s From Hyderabad.

This are the Top 15 Best resorts in hyderabad, which are beautifully designed and presented. 

All the Tourists/ common public can visit these places which will cherish your life time moments.


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