Balayya Akhanda Sequel Loading ? :-

Balayya Akhanda Sequel

Yes, the Makers of Akhanda are planning the Sequel of Balayya Mass Jathara Akhanda.

We all very well know that Balayya Akhanda is a Pure Mass Jathara and feast to all fans and movie lovers.

Now the sources are saying that there is a sequel of Akhanda which gonna be slated for the 2023 release and there is a lot of story behind Shivudu ( Aghora ) Balayya in Akhanda’s film.

The Akhanda film showcased the lifestyle of Murali Krishna ( Balayya ) and just started within the Entry of Aghora ( Another Balayya ) but hasn’t showcased the past life of Aghora.

So the buzz is that there will be a sequel of Akhanda where most of the film will showcase the life stages of Aghora ( Balayya).

The official confirmation regarding this is yet to be known. Should wait and see what’s going to happen.


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