Balakrishna vs Mohanlal :-

Baalakrishna Vs Mohanlal

It’s official now that a huge clash is going to happen at the box office where Balakrishna Akhanda and Mohanlal Marakkar Arabia Samudra Simham releasing on the same day.

Till yesterday, December 2nd, 2021 is slotted only for Balakrishna’s much-hyped film Akhanda. Even the trailer has given a huge impact on this film. Balakrishna’s Different shades with Typical Boyapati style impressed all sections of the audience and releasing worldwide on the mentioned date.

All of a sudden Mohanlal has entered the stage with his much-anticipated magnum opus film Marakkar which is dubbed in Telugu as Marakkar Arabian Samudrapu Simham. This also has slotted its release on December 2nd, 2021.

As of now, no changes are going to happen upon the release date for both films. So it’s confirmed that within a week huge clash is going to happen on December 2nd.

Should wait and see which impresses the audience a lot.


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