Ashok Galla Hero Movie Trailer Review :-

Hero Movie Trailer Review

Finally, the much-anticipated trailer of Ashok Galla’s debut Movie Hero is released in a grandeur manner over a Trailer Launch Event. Let’s check how this trailer is.

The Trailer revolves around Ashok Galla Character who is aspiring to become a Filmstar. I’m meantime he will be shown as Nidhi Aggarwal’s lover. But Slowly scenes change from comedy track to serious action track with lots of fights and heavy-duty stunts.

The trailer looks fresh and the visuals are awe-struck.


  • Ashok Galla’s energetic performance and Nidhi’s role.
  • Story
  • Cinematography and Visuals.
  • Fights
  • Comedy

Should wait for 15th January 2022 to witness this crazy family ride of Ashok Galla Hero.


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