Ashok Galla Hero Movie Release Date Locked :-

Hero Movie

Yes, it’s official now Mahesh Babu Nephew Ashok Galla Debut film Hero locked its release date.

We all very well know about a fact that since a long back an announcement made about the pooja ceremony of Ashok Galla debut film Hero. This was directed by Sreeram Aditya.

Till now only in a few instances, we had seen updates of this film like the first single on the occasion of Superstar Krishna Birthday, and Posters with a glimpse of Ashok Galla.

Now due to the postponement of RRR, this Hero film has come into the limelight and announced its release date on 15-1-2022, This Hero film will release grandly. This was the surprise announcement from the Hero film team.

Should wait and see how this movie gonna be and more updates regarding this film will come soon.


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