Arjuna Phalguna Trailer Review :-

Arjuna Phalguna Trailer Review

The trailer starts showcasing the life of Sree Vishnu who is enjoying life after completion of degree. He has been chilling out life without any job.

Besides, he and his friends are diehard fans of Junior NTR. Suddenly Trailer shifts to some breathtaking visuals where Sree Vishnu and his friends are doing unknown things. Later they caught to police Subbaraju.

What are the things done by Sree Vishnu and his Gang without knowing anyone, form the basic plot of Arjuna Phalguna’s story?

Highlights :-

  • Sree Vishnu’s energetic screen presence.
  • Breath-taking visuals.
  • Love track and Comedy scenes.
  • Subbaraju Performance.

Should wait and see what Director Teja Marni has in store to entertain all film lovers on December 31st.


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