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Anthahpuram Movie Review and Rating :-

Anthahpuram Movie Review

Movie :- Anthahpuram (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Sundar.C , Arya , Raashi Khanna , Andrea Jeremiah , Sakshi Agarwal , Vivek , Yogi Babu , Manobala and so on

Producer :- Khushbu, Sundar C. and A.C.S. Arunkumar

Music Director :- C. Sathya

Director :- Sundar C.

Story ( Spoiler Free ):-

This film is all about the revenge story of Eswari (Andrea Jeremiah) who’s life was spoiled due to Zamindar Rajashekar (Sampath). As expected it’s time for the ghost to take revenge on Rajasekhar and his daughter ( Raashi Khanna ).

Besides Rajasekhar Son In law Sundar. C tries to sort out the issues and find out the reasons behind abnormalities happening in Palace. On the Other hand, Aarya enters the scene as a Palace repair worker who is the actual love interest of Raashi Khanna. All of a sudden ghosts enter into Aarya and start haunting.

How did Rajasekhar spoil Eswari life? How did ghosts start taking revenge? Is there only one ghost or more than that? Why did Ghost survive in Aarya? Did Sundar. C sort out the issues by finding clues? What happened at the end forms the rest of the story.

Positives 👍 :-

  • Story and Gripping Screenplay.
  • VFX is good.
  • Cinematography was lit..
  • Comedy scenes are engaging.
  • Flashback story.

Negatives 👎 :-

  • It a bit lengthy and dragged here and there
  • It slow-paced first half.
  • Limited Arya character which might disappoint Arya fans.


Anthahpuram is an engaging horror-thriller film and entertains most of the part. Director Sundar. C had given his best in making this horror franchise film. Arya, Rashikhanna , Sundar. C, Yogi Babu, etc everyone did their best in this film.

Cinematography and Production values are top-notch. The only remark is the limited screen Presence of Arya and a few scenes dragged Unnecessarily.

An Engaging Anthahpuram.

Rating :- 3/5


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