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Anil Ambani failure story

Anil Ambani failure story in telugu

Anil Ambani failure story: If we have more money and can’t able to sustain ourselves then its our downfall which was created by our own.

Anil Ambani failure story in telugu

If you are very well talented but your doing the work in which you have zero knowledge its also one of the sign for downfall.

Are you all confused with the above sentences or what we are saying ? Ok no more confusion let’s come to the point in this article we are teaching a lesson to your life’s by showing A Richest Billionaire non other than Anil Ambani as an example.

Let’s go into the topic in detail.

Let’s start it with the pillar of the Anil Ambani non other than his father Dhiru Bhai Ambani.

He’s the one who started livelihood by doing Attender job at a petrol bunk. Slowly, as luck is on his side he had became one of the richest person and became Business Tycoon as he was the founder of Reliance Industries.

At the time of his Death, he was mentioned as 132nd Richest person in Forbes Magazine.

The real story begins here as his son’s Mukesh Ambani , Anil Ambani started arguing each other for Properties.

Dhiru Bhai Ambani haven’t dreamt about this issue, that’s the reason behind No-Sharing of Properties done at the time of his livelihood, even he made both of his sons as Board of Director’s for all the Industries he had.

As the rivalry between both the brother’s started, As a mother Kokilaben Ambani had shared the industries to both son’s in a different manner as mentioned below.

Sharing Properties

All the old companies like ” Reliance Industries limited, Reliance Petroleum pvt ltd , Reliance Petro Chemical Corporation Ltd, Reliance Infrastructures Pvt Ltd ” to the elder son Mukesh Ambani

whereas All the New companies like ” Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy, Reliance Natural Resources Ltd ” to younger son ” Anil Ambani “.

Later mother Kokilaben Ambani had took promise with Mukesh Ambani that ” There must be no similar kind of works done by you for ten years “.

Anil Ambani got all the latest resources and with his innovative ideas he was developed a lot and the amount was naturally increased which made his the 6th Richest Person in Forbes Magazine.

with a total amount around 42 Million Dollar’s, but can’t went upon his brother as Mukesh Ambani was stood on 5th Richest person position with extra 1 Million Dollars i.e 43 Million Dollar’s.

Eventually Anil Ambani started constructing a new house which was a worth of 4500cr at Polihills area which was still under construction as a competition to Mukesh Ambani House.

As the money increases day by day Anil Ambani had made Largest Multiplex Chain which consists of 700 big screens and named it as ” Big Cinemas “.

He have no knowledge in Politics but he undergone Politics as he had huge relationships with Celebs, Press,Politicians and whatnot, which was the Starting stage of his Downfall.

Later Both Brother’ s stepped in Court because of Gas-issue over Krishna and Godavari. Which was another sign of Downfall.

Mukesh ambani Saved

As the debt amount was increasing day by day Anil Ambani sold out his Big Cinemas to Carnival Cinemas for a worth amount of 750 cr in 2014 eventually after two years he sold few shares of Radio and media for 1872 cr.

At the end of the day his Financial status was quite less than 1 billion.

As 10 years completed Mukesh Ambani Shocked everyone by entering into Telecom industries with a new innovative idea so Called Jio sim.

which created sensation and made shuttered all other telecom companies which was another Downfall for Anil Ambani’s R-com.

We all very well known about Brother hood and Relationships between Brother’s that ” Brother’s will fight for silly reasons but if any Third person disturbs any of them, Brother’s will unite each other and solve the problem “

The same thing happened for Anil Ambani’s. When he was facing lots of debt issues, at that time he was supposed to pay 453cr to Erikson in 2019, and 700 millions to 3 Chinese Banks for R-com in 2020.

His brother Mukesh Ambani who stood behind him and solved all Court issues by providing Money, At last Mukesh Ambani ‘s financial status was above 43 million dollars where as Anil Ambani’s Financial status was less than 1 billion.

Here we can clearly take Anil Ambani’s life story as an example for ” Destruction of life ” .

Finally we can say one thing ” If you have Everything what you want, Make use of it without unnecessary things/ ideas or else just one wrong step enough to make your life an U-turn keep cautious.


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