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Decide watch or not … And The Oscar Goes to..(2020)

And The Oscar Goes to..(2020)

Movie Name:-  And The Oscar Goes to..(2020)

Cast:-  Tonvio, Anu Sithara

Director:-   Saleem Ahamed

STORY ( Spoiler Free ):-

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Credit: aha videoIN

The movie opens with an intro of Issac Erahem ( Tovino Thomas) from a typical Muslim family , who is a passionate about  film making and dreamt to become Film director since childhood.

He had prepared a script, but failed to impress it over producers, vexed with it, he started making film on his own as a producer too and got financial support from family.

Here comes another difficult task, that he needs to convience actor for his film, with utmost efforts he convinces Aravindan ( Sreenivasan) to play lead role and shoot starts.

The efforts of Issac had got huge applause and to a sudden surprise it was become a nominee in the list of Oscar selections.

Things go ubnormal due to this, how Issac had faced each and every situation over Oscar processes ? What is the film directed by Issac which made nominee in Oscar list ? What are the struggles faced by Issac over entire process in second half forms the crux of the story.

If wanted to know the reasons behind the above-mentioned questions watch this film, available on the Aaha platform. 


* Story-Screenplay-Dialogues were highly appreciable.

* Tovino Thomas lived in the role of Issac and delivered a huge impact. 

* Director had showcased everything which he had faced during his struggles in real life in an gripping manner.

Music and background was impressive.

* Production values are good.

* Editing was quite impressive.


 Little big drag here and there in second half.


And The Oscar goes to.. Is an out and out engaging flick which showcases the struggles of film makers and their efforts they put for making a film was picturized in an intresting manner.

Whole credits goes to Director  who had made a bold attempt by showcasing his struggles which he faced in real by filmy manner.

Thomas was lived in the role where as each and every actor in this film did their level best to make film a successful one.

Overall And The Oscar goes to.. Is an perfect watchable film for weekend with family.



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