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An inspirational journey of Jyothirmayi Dakkumalla

An inspirational journey of Jyothirmayi Dakkumalla: If you are a dreamer and keep on dreaming about your life goals without any action, then it will be remain as a dream only.

An inspirational journey of Jyothirmayi Dakkumalla

If you’re continuously dreaming on a thing which you want to do then you must make practice of it and keep on going even though tough phases may arise including sacrifices then only the world will recognize you, then only you will be named as a ” Winner ” or else you shouldn’t start dreaming.

A young women named as ” Jyothirmayi Dakkumalla ” have succeeded in making her dream come true with lots of struggle. Let’s see her Life story in brief.

Schooling life :-

The native place of Jyothirmayi in Namburu Which was located in the surroundings of Guntur district. Her father is an employee and had so many transfers that’s the reason she had studied in Maharastra and Andhra pradesh.

Basically none of her family member’s are business holders but she dreamt of becoming an big Business person. She had completed her studies over Vizag Geetham University and secured job in TCS company Banglore.

Thinking over future :-

Even though she was leading a happy life but something uneasy was undergoing over her as her life was became Daily Routine. She felt discomfort when Flipkart, Amazon start-up companies made entry, by seeing them she also started a Start-up company which provides students a clear idea about various fields of exploration.

First attempt of Starting a company :-

An inspirational journey of Jyothirmayi Dakkumalla

She was in a dream that everything goes well and will be a successful person but things doesn’t happen what we think.

As she started a Start-up company by doing job and doing various activities as mentioned above besides that She went to Various colleges and gave lectures as well as taking them to Industry Tours. Later she realized that her network is too small to do a business.

Later she completed MBA and she got manager post for joining it will take around 3 months in mean while she made internship on Agriculture, Tourism and Textile. As the time of joining came she went to job.

At that time to she had organized Weekend Exhibitions as well as the sale of Topperwear Model Sarees, but the attempt was failed.

Second Attempt :-

As the first attempt failed within no time she got an another idea of Selling Same Handloom Clothing to Branded Companies. She gave a speech over it at IIM Banglore where she had secured Mentorship and got place over IIM.

Few days later she went to Manglagiri, Hakkodu In Karnataka and learnt a lot about Importance of Handloom Clothing.

In order to concentrate more on it she resigned her job and Started Business by investing the money she earned, Besides IIM Banglore has donated rs 15 lakhs. She also met her junior Hemalatha as a co-partner along 3 students.

Marketing Stage :-

An inspirational journey of Jyothirmayi Dakkumalla

As it was not any easy task to meet Branded Companies, so they started making the Natural color of Handloom garments to suit the existing trend and started Marketing it. Azio is the first company to give opportunity to them. Later Aravind, U.S.Polo, Flying Machine, Fab india like wise almost 83 brands came forward.

They have sourced products from 150 Handloom units around the Country. In order to gain data for this purpose A Call center was set up with 6 people who will have regular discussions with them.

Investments :-

As Business expands they were in sort of money. Unexpectedly IIM Kolkata has given a contribution of 4 Lakhs in the name of Startup Smart 50. A professor from Ahmedabad and a person from Ekalavya Foundation had contributed a whooping amount of 50 Lakhs.

She was named her company as ” Fabric Monde ” and was succeeded in supplying Garments around 83 above brands.

At the initial stages Everyone Laughed at her when she resigned job. But now Everyone praising for her success.

For being a successful businessman she had sacrificed her job for which she used to gain around 2 Lakhs as a Monthly salary. But she was worked hard and faced struggles which made her path a cake walk.

Similarly if you are a Dreamer like ” Jyothitmayi ” any of the day you’ll be an Successful Person.


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