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Amrutha Ramam: Soulful emotional drama Small and cute romantic film

Amrutha Ramam: Soulful emotional drama

Small and cute romantic film, Amrutha Ramam has caught the audience’s attention with its fresh promos. Starring Ram and Amitha in the lead roles, the film is out in the theatres near you. Let’s analysis it.
To pursue her master’s, Amrutha (Amitha Ranganath) lands in Sydney and falls instantly for Ram (Ram Mittakanti), who comes to pick her at the Airport. Soon they both become good friends and slowly love blooms between them. Rest of the story is how will the young couple balance their relationship and what kind of unexpected incidents happen in their life? It is present in a beautiful manner.

The main plus point of the film is the chemistry between the lead pair Ram and Amitha. They both are adorable on the screen and are apt as new-age lovers.
Looks-wise, hero Ram Mittakanti is good and his dialogue delivery is also nice. He tried to live in a role which has various emotions in it.
Heroine Amitha is the main USP of the film as she steals the show with her impressive performance. In one word, she is the main pillar of the film and she is too good with his dialogue delivery and voice modulation.Along with the montage duets between the lead pair, the intimation scenes will also impress the youth audience to the core.
The last twenty minutes of the film is highly emotional and the unexpected twist will shock the audience.
The first half of the film is a bit dull compared to the second half. It’s not that the proceedings are bad during the course in time but the detailing could have been even better.
Lack of none faces for the padding roles in also a minus for the film.

Technical Crew:
Music director NS Prasu is the main asset for the film as his songs and background score carry the mood of the film till the end. His soundtracks are fresh and soothing. The background score during the last fifteen minutes brings a lot of depth to the proceedings. 
Editing is perfect as the film has hardly any unwanted scenes to chop off. Cinematography is beautiful as the film looks rich and Sydney locations are captured well.

Last but not least, director Surender Kontaddi, the captain of the ship did a commendable job with the film.His storyline is simple but the way he narrated the proceedings will impress the audience. The unexpected twist towards the end has been handled well and has an emotional feel in it.
Production values for this low budget film are rich and ravishing.

To summarise, Amrutha Ramam is a feel-good emotional drama between two souls. The chemistry between the lead pair and emotional second half makes the film a sure shot watch.

Rating: 3.25/5

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