Allu Arjun for Balakrishna :-

Bunny for Balayya

Yes, Allu Arjun coming for Balakrishna on a special occasion which is none other than the Promotions of Akhanda.

As we know very well about a fact that Balakrishna and Boyapati collaborated for the third time and made a film called Akhanda which is slated to release on December 2nd worldwide.

The trailer of Akhanda had raised the expectations of this film to the peaks as Balayya will be seen in two different shades and high voltage mass fights with Srikanth.

On 27th December pre-release event of this film is going to happen where Iconic star Bunny is going to be the center of attraction for this power-packed event.

Should wait and see how this event is going to be and how balayya and Bunny going to share the stage. It’s a treat for all the mutual fans and film lovers.


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