Ajith Valimai Movie Postponed :-

Valimai Movie Postponed

Yes, Ajith Kumar’s much-anticipated film Valimai is officially Postponed.

Till yesterday we are in a thought process that Valimai film will be released on 13th, January 2022. But suddenly the film team of Valimai had announced the postponement of the film.

The reason behind this postponement is none other than the new Virus named Omicron Spreading rapidly all over the world and in India too. On behalf of this several states had announced the Night Curfews and Lockdowns too.

Even Tamil Nadu Government officials announced 50% occupancy and Complete lockdown on Sundays.

So left with no choice, the Valimai film is not releasing as announced earlier. The new release date also is not mentioned. The only hope is Valimai might release in 2022 said the film team.

Hope everything goes well.


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