Ajith Kumar message to his fans :-

Ajith message to his fans

Ajith Kumar who is also called Thala Ajith by his fans had given a message to his fans with a shocking statement.

Recently Ajith Kumar made a post and stated that not to call him Thala Ajith anymore. This message made fans go depressed like anything.

The tweet made by Ajith is ” To the Respected members of the Media, Public and Genuine fans. I henceforth wish to be referred to as Ajith, Ajith Kumar, or just AK and not as ” Thala ” or any other prefix before my name “.

Don’t know the reason why Ajith made a statement regarding the Prefix issue. But his fans love to call him Thala Ajith since years ago. Hope fans hear this note from Ajith and obey his request.


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