Ajith Kumar Joins Sankranthi Race :-

Ajith kumar Balam

Yes, it’s now official that Ajith Kumar is all set to join the Sankranthi race.

Till now we know that Ajith Kumar Upcoming film Valimai will only release in the Tamil Language due to RRR and Radheshyam Releases. Even RRR and Radheshyam team made Bheemla Nayak postpone as they must have enough days to get collections.

But things made a U-turn when the Ajith Valimai team announced the film will release in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and a few other languages simultaneously on the same day.

Till now songs, Few glimpses had released and gave enough hype for the film. The trailer will release at the end of this month. Besides Censor formalities are also in full swing.

The official confirmation regarding the release date is yet to be announced but valimai team released the official telugu poster entitled Balam. This indicates that Valimai will release in other languages too. The release date is yet to be confirm but sources are saying it will release on January 13th, 2022 in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi languages.

Should wait and see what’s going to happen. If Ajith enters the Sankranti Race in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi Languages it might be a tough challenge to RRR, and Radheshyam films to get collections even they got the positive talk.


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