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adobe photoshop collage maker

adobe photoshop collage maker

adobe Photoshop collage maker

Collage is group of people fitting into the frame nicely that may be family, office, friends, this collages are use for save the space in the memory, and we can see all at one place, Its become trendy too, In Different way we can make collages, If you want to give good important to all the people you have to give to the same sizes to the every image and you can arrange what you want to show.

In this below I will explain all the people are at one place , Used Square shape and nice background color and background border.

making nice collage with 24 images in adobe photoshop

1>Arrange the photos in an order How you want to show

2> Cut the images in to same sizes eg:: 250×250

3> Select the borders to the images

4> Give the Nice drop shadow to the images

5> Give attractive light color background to main background.

6> Give good background frame to the corners (Learn background frames click here)

7> Your collage is ready

If you want to learn
photoshop layers click here
background remover click here


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