Aarya Season 2 Review and Rating :-

Aarya Season 2 Review

Movie :- Aarya season 2 (2021) Review

Star Cast :- Sushmitha Sen , Chandrachur Singh , Sikander Kher and so on

Producer :- Ram Madhvani , Amita Madhvani

Music Director :- Vishal Khurana

Director :- Ram Madhvani , Sandeep Modi , Vinod Rawat

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Story ( Spoiler Free ) :-

The story begins where the first season ends but now Aarya lives in Austria with her kids. Whereas her Father, Brother, and Shekawath are going hard phase of life to get bail from the drugs case. As expected things arouse over Aarya to come India and the strange things begins.

Even though she landed in the security-protected area but she was attacked. The Hunt of life begins from here. Now there are a few incidents like Aarya should be faced one is 300 Cr consignment by Russia and Threat from Shekawath Father too. To overcome all the scenarios what could Aarya do now? How did Aarya manage the Threats of life and save children forms the rest of the story?

Positives 👍 :-

  • As Usual Sushmitha Sen does terrific job in her role and impress audience a lot. Rest of characters did justice to their roles.
  • Director’s Vision over this series is awesome and thrills audience in each episode.
  • Background score is apt for the film.
  • Cinematography, Visuals, VFX work are lavishing on screen.
  • Production values are good.

Negatives 👎 :-

  • Some Logics is missing.
  • Confusion scenes are more.

Overall :-

As usual, Aarya Season once again bangs the audience with utmost thrilling and Seat edge elements. Sushmitha sen done terrific role and impresses all. Director’s Screenplay was quite attractive and engages.

Background Score is apt and Cinematography Visuals are lavishing. Production Values are good. The only negative point is Few logic are missing and Confusion scenarios are more.Rest of the series for sure entertains you all.

Rating :- 3.5/5


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