A Spicy decision by Rana Virata Parvam team :-

Rana Daggupati and Venu Udugula

The much-hyped and much-awaited film of Rana Is none other than Virata Parvam and the spicy update of this film is now made by the film team.

Till now entire social media has made a huge number of debates, interactions, and whatnot! even tagged to film team and waited for the update of Virata Parvam film.

Besides several Rumors had created that Rana Virata Parvam has fixed their release on OTT only and no theatrical release. Even though the film team hasn’t given any replies over it.

Finally, Virata Parvam Director Venu Udugula had made a check to these rumors by taking social media to account to his hand and stated ” Virata Parvam will release in Theatres only. No OTT release. The audience must feel this kind of film in Theatres only “.

So finally we got clarity about the release of this film and we must wait about the release date which might be announced within a week.


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