7 Days 6 Nights Movie Postponed :-

7 Days 6 Nights Movie Postponed

Sumanth Ashwin’s latest film entitled 7 Days 6 Nights is officially Postponed and out of the Sankranthi race.

Sumanth Ashwin made this 7 Days 6 Nights Movie under the direction of M.S.Raju who is known as blockbuster Director and Producer too. He even made 2 films with Sumanth Ashwin entitled Tuneega Tuneega and Columbus.

Now for the 3rd time, this crazy combination had joined together and made this 7 Days and 6 Nights Movie where Sumanth Ashwin had taken the part of Producing too.

This film is initially slated to release on the eve of the Sankranthi Festival as biggies like RRR, Radheshyam are postponed and this film team even started promotions of the film by releasing the song of the film.

Unfortunately, this film too had left the Sankranthi race as officially Postponed due to a high increase in the cases of Omnicron. The new release date will be announced soon.


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