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47 days movie review

47 days movie review

47 days movie review :  47 Days ( The Mystery Unfolds)

Cast :- Satyadev, Ravi Varma, Pooja, Roshini. Producer :- Vijay Donkada, Raghu Kunche
Music Director :- Raghu Kunche
Producer :- Vijay Donkada, Raghu Kunche
Director :- Pradeep Maddali 
STORY ( Spoiler Free ):-

Movie opens with the Intro of Satya ( Satya Dev ) showcasing as a Suspended ACP in Vizag, Since he is looking for clues over his wife’s padhu ( Roshini’s) Mysterious Death.

During his Trials he came to know that a lady named Juliet ( pooja ) is being suspected in this case.

As the investigation begins, unfortunately he falls over Drug Case. 

Who is Julliet ? What is reasons behind the murder mystery ? Who killed paddu ? What is Drug case about ? 

If wanted to know the reasons behind above mentioned questions watch film on Zee 5.

Positives :-

* Satyadev one man show. Pooja & Roshini have did their level best to make film look beautiful.Ravi Varma was as usual did best.

Cinematography was good besides production values are so-so.

Background Score was decent.

FlipSide :-

Eventhough the story was good at paper but director Pradeep Maddali has failed to present it in a gripping way.

Songs of this film are not upto mark.

* Editing was a bit over and we can easily chop it of upto 10min above.

Overall :-

47Days is an upcoming flick which was directly released through OTT. 

Coming to point Story was quite different and impressive, but Director handled first half easily but failed to continue the Tempo.

Satyadev is one man show and done a great job as ususal, Besides Pooja and Roshini are added doses to film. Ravi varma did good job.

Coming to technical side everything was done in a hurry manner which leads to downfall of film. Songs are not upto mark.

Upon from all this only Satya dev performance makes this film a worth watchable.

TeluguVisionRating :- 2/5

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