Movie Review: Pehlwaan (2019)

Movie:- Pehlwaan (2019)

Cast and crew:- Sudeep, Aakanksha Singh , Suniel Shetty , Kabir Duhan Singh, Sharath Lohitashwa and many other.

Music director:- Arjun Janya

Produced by:- Swapna Krishna

Directed by:- Krishna

Sudeep is a well-known Kannada actor besides that he had got craze over Tollywood audience too with his film entitled as Eega directed by SSR. Later he is trying to do his best over telugu films too. All of a sudden he got a chance in doing an important character in Chiranjeevi’s Syeera Narasimha Reddy which is yet to be released. In between them he is trying his luck by releasing his upcoming film entilted as Pehlwaan simultaneously in both Telugu and Kannada languages.

Aakansha Singh is played as female besides that Kabir Singh and Sushant Singh doing the negative roles. Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty, who has his roots in Mangaluru, is playing an important role in the mega-budget project.

The trailer, teaser of this film are looks promising and impressed audience. After a round of promotions finally this film had hit the screens today. Lets see whether this film is going to be another milestone in Sudeep’s Carrier or not.

Story (Spoiler free):-

Movie opens with the introduction of Krishna alias Kiccha ( Kiccha Sudeep) who is an orphan brought up by Sarkar( Sunil Shetty) . Kiccha grows on to become a champion kusti Pailwaan under the guidance of Sarkar . At the same time he falls in love with Rukmini (Aakanksha singh) , and things take a serious turn in his life because of his love which makes him to quit Kusthi. Kiccha goes on to lead a life of hardship in order to support his family. At this time , Kiccha will get a chance to participate in a boxing tournament which in return he get a huge money to support a good cause for him . Kiccha has to face Tony , a ruthless boxing champion who breaks all rules to win . Will Kiccha beat him in the ring and wins the trophy ? Was he successful in his love story ? What hardwork did he done to become champion ? If you wanted to know the reasons behind it watch the film on bigscreen.

Positives :-

* Story and Gripping Screenplay.

* Sudeep Energetic performance.

* Love track between the lead pair.

* VFX is good.

* Cinematography was lit.

* Fight sequences especially Kusthi scenes are awesome.

* Comedy scenes are engaging.

* Emotional scenes are good.

Flipside :-

* A bit lengthy and dragged here and there

* Slow paced first half.

Overall :-

Kiccha Sudeep is literally awesome and one man show who had gave his 100% efforts to make this film a sureshot hit. It will be thoroughly entertained by everyone, as it has a good story which was narrated in a gripping manner.

Love track between the lead pair will be quite impressive besides that comedy track and suniel shetty performace was attractive. cinematography was too good with the best VFX work.

Director Krishna had given his best for making this film a must watchable for this weekend. Especially the Kusthi scenes and climax part was literally lit.

Emotional scenes will be connected by everyone.

Overall a must watch film for everyone this weekend. Kiccha Sudeep bounced back into success track as his dedication towards this film has been showcased in every scene.

Watch this film at this weekend you will surely get entertained.


Rating: 3.25/5

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