Review: Kobbarimatta


Burning Star sampurnesh babu making his comeback after a while with Kobbari Matta. The film is directed by Rupak Ronaldson and Sai Rajesh is the producer. Ishika Singh and Gayatri Gupta are the heroines. Kobbari Matta is released in decent number of screens today. Here is the complete review of Kobbari Matta


Kobbari Matta is the story of Pedarayudu, Paparayudu and Androidu essayed by Sampoornesh Babu. Pedarayudu is the head of the village and he lives with his three wives. It is during this time, Androidu makes his entry into the family and the rest of the film is all about how things change after his entry. Kobbari Matta is all about how three are related. Watch the film to know completely about Kobbari Matta.


Sampoornesh Babu is the major asset of Kobbari Matta and he carried the entire film on his shoulders. He looks simple and his comic timing has been top class. Sampoornesh Babu balances well in the three roles. Both the actresses Ishika Singh and Gayatri Gupta did their jobs well. Shakeela did her job well. All the other actors were fit well in their roles.

Kobbari Matta team worked well on the script and the screenplay, dialogues are the major highlights of the film. Right from the cinematography to the music and background score, everything worked well. The production values have been decent and the film’s director Rupak Ronaldson manages to keep the audience entertaining.

Kobbari Matta is a decent attempt and all those who love spoof comedies will thoroughly enjoy Kobbari Matta. Sampoornesh Babu at his best.

Rating: 3.25/5


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