I very much like the gangster genre movies .I found Ranarangam very interesting – Kalyani priyadarshan

Ranarangam, is a movie in the banner of sithara entertainment ,directed by Sudheer varma.It is produced by Surya devara Naga vamsi.It will be released on Aug 15.These are excerpts of the interview with the heroine of this movie.

That is the main reason I have signed this movie.When director Sudhir Varma approached me for this movie, he gave a nice narration of the movie.Different screenplay.Usually, in movies we have flash back and present showing at different times.But in this movie,both are shown simultaneously.You will understand when you watch this movie tomorrow.It doesn’t depict as a past and present tense movie but as a story of a person’s life.

Befor explaining my role,it is necessary to talk about sharwanand’s role.The entire movie is based on his character.His character is a very intense one.He has a different angle of loving.It is seen in my character.Without my role,the angle of love is not possible to see in a hero.In the movie,I play a village girl.I observed alot and learnt from my mother and yester years heroines like shobana garu.This is the first time Im wearing a half saree.


This movie is all about 20 years journey of a person’s life .It is about how a common youth grows into a don.It is certainly not like a god father film.It is about a don’s life in the view of sudheer varma.There is alot of variation in two shades.It took a lot of time to show this difference.I very much like the gangster genre movies .I found this very interesting.

I watched movies of 1980 -90 on Television.Many times I wished I was born in those days.Now I am very happy to do this role in this movie.

I am learning Telugu.I am a Malayali.I am brought up in Chennai.I know Malayalam and Tamil.But I am working in Telugu movies.I never thought of becoming a heroine.But I happened to be one.I am picking up Telugu off late.My mother felt very happy to know that I am acting in. a Telugu movie.I was also little uncertain of it is going to be.B ut after working in the first folm,I came to know how good and passionate, people are, in this industry .I have shared the same thing with my mother also.

I will definitely direct a movie once.But I dont know when that will happen.I have lot of ideas in my mind.I will take up direction once these ideas develop into stories

I found it very difficult to act in the movie Marakkar in Dad s direction.He Did not say anything when I was acting in the movie.But after finishing the movie ,he said that I gave an output what a director looks from an actor .I myself asked my father that I will act in this movie.

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